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        WHAT IT IS

        1. 100% natural extracts for your healthy skin: 
        100% natural extracts deliver abundant moisture to your skin and make you feel comfortable in your skin even after makeup. 

        2. Jeju green tea that keeps your skin moisturized: 
        Green tea extracts hydrate and brighten up your skin. 

        3. Smooth finish giving a velvety texture without darkening your skin 
        The natural powder stops your skin from darkening for your long-lasting brilliant complexion, and provides excellent coverage for your flawless, even skin tone.

        HOW TO USE

        After basic skincare, apply the desired amount and spread evenly on your face.


        ‘Beauty Green Tea’, the ingredient born for the skin from Jeju 

        innisfree No. 1, "Beauty Green Tea", a specializing moisturizing ingredient developed after the study of 2,401 Korean green tea varieties. 
        We started research to find moisture for ideal skin condition, and created Beauty Green Tea containing high amino acid excellent for hydration and moisture. 

        Fundamentally renewed Fresh Green Tea Water 2.0™ by double squeeze method 
        Fresh Green Tea Water 2.0™ is made by extraction of nourishing ingredients of fresh beauty green tea leaves. It is fundamentally different green tea water of 3.5 times more enriched than the original with 16 kinds of amino acids, and provides excellent moisturizing benefits to the skin.See Full Ingredients


        1. Do not apply on wounds or damaged, broken or irritated skin. 
        2. In case of having any of the following symptoms after using this product, stop using it immediately. If you keep using it, the symptoms may get worse and you may need to consult a dermatologist. 
        1) In case of having problems such as redness, swelling, itching, stimulation during usage. 
        2) In case of having the same symptoms above on the part you put this product on by direct sunlight. 
        3. Keep your puff clean for the next usage. 
        4. Do not share your puff with others. 
        5. Instructions for handling and keeping 
        1) Close the lid after use. 
        2) Keep out of the reach of infants and children. 
        3) Do not keep this product in a place with a very high or low temperature and exposed to direct sunlight. 
        6. The solid texture of this product was designed to turn into liquid when exposed to skin temperature. To maintain its usability, do not keep it in a place with a high temperature over 40°C to prevent it from deformation. Please use and keep it in a cool and dry place. When you are not using it, make sure the lid is closed. If not, its hydrating components and other effective ingredients may evaporate and the product may shrink. 
        7. This product's SPF (sun protection factor) was measured in accordance with the International SPF Test Method and its Ultraviolet A protection rating was measured in accordance with the Japan Cosmetic Industry Association Standard SPF Test Method.

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