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        Clay gel mask made from natural mineral-rich mud collected from the Yellow Sea, acting as a quick-drying, powerful sebum-absorbing agent.


        Powerful sebum-absorbing properties of natural mineral mud

        * Contains 1400mg of natural Yellow Sea mineral mud

        Moisturizing gel-base formula that’s easy to apply and quick to dry.

        A new clay formula that lets you see the condition of your monster pores.




        key point

        Are you a person in your twenties, and
        are you worried about your pores?

        1. See the condition of your monster pores!

        The gel-type clay is easy to apply, drying
        quickest where there is the most sebum!

        2. Removal of sebum + removal of
        old skin cells + prevention of breakouts.

        The pores are further stretched when their
        barrier is weakened by excessive sebum
        secretion. Natural mineral mud collected
        from the Yellow Sea effectively removes
        sebum and impurities lodged in the pores.
        Laneige Pore Mini Sizing™ soothes and
        moisturizes the pores.


        Mini pore  
        Mini pore

        Keep your monster pores under control
        with Laneige's original pore solution, Mini Pore

        If your skin often looks shiny, it is due to the
        excessive oil and moisture drying out on the
        surface of your skin and stretches the pores
        further. Pores that stand out need special care!


        Laneige Mineral Mud  
        Laneige Mineral Mud

        Laneige Mineral Mud comes from the
        only island mud flat designated by UNESCO as
        a World Heritage, known for its pristine,
        untouched natural environment.
        The natural mud consists of
        fine particles with a large surface area that
        enables it to pick up sebum. It is also rich in
        minerals that come from the mud flat and which
        are very beneficial to skin.

        The Mini Pore Water Clay Mask lets you
        experience the benefits of the mud!

        - For anyone looking for a product that helps
        remove impurities and sebum
        - Recommended for boyfriends with large
        visible pores
        - Sisters who struggle to make their skin nice
        and smooth with makeup
        - Friends busy trying to squeeze out all their 
        - Moms worried about yellow dust
        - Dads and uncles who are busy working and
        who are tired from all those nightly get-togethers 



        *Results from the use of beauty product above may vary depending upon the individual and will depend on multiple factors, including your age, gender, skin type and condition, use of other products used, health history, lifestyle, diet and others

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